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My name is Azim and I am a Freelancer. Although I have been in the IT industry for over 25 years now I have switched my operational mode from a Full-Time or Contract Employee to a Full-Time Freelancer. I started my carrier as a Network Support Engineer with Bell Corporation. While I was about to finish my project there, they had an opening for a email administrator and I was offered that position as they needed someone ASAP or they would have lost budget if it was not filled immediately. My Director knew, I have no previous background even then he offered it to me and I accepted it. They had office email by emc2 and they trained me on daily administrative tasks the rest I learned while on the job.

Azim Tirmizi

By qualification, I am an Electrical Engineer with a focus on computer and network architecture. In my practical life, I have spent my carrier in the following areas;

    • Networking 
    • Lotus Notes / Exchange
    • ServiceNow
    • Project Management
    • Dev/Ops
    • Agile /Sprint


And I have developed a keen interest in developing websites in the last few years.

In the last 25 years I have worked for the following organization as either a Full-Time Employee or a Contractor;


AbbottStateFarmHSBCDr Pepper
BearingPointAbbotFlorida StateVerizon
AmeritechWalmartLoblaw KPMG


  • Service Existing Customers First
  • Earning Customer’s Respect will bring more business than any marketing effort