Case Studies

In this section I will describe cases studies of different engagements that I worked in my professional carrier.

Case Studies

Following is a partial list of case studies that will be added to this page in the coming days;

  • Application Portfolio Management (APM)
  • Governance and Risk Controls
  • Integrated Risk Management (IRM)
  • Common Services Data Model (CSDM)
  • ITSM
  • ITOM
  • DevOps
  • CMDB
  • Service Mapping
  • Workflows
  • CSDM
  • APM
  • GRC
  • SecOps

Our First Story- ITSM

.Customer wants to migrate their IT Help Desk from legacy system. The have all the records on a flat file and currently they have backlog of over 30,000 open tickets and date range is as far as one year old.


Things to be done prior to migration.

  • Clear the backlog
    • Contact ticket requester for an updated status
  • Close all tickets over than xx days by xx date
  • Add category/subcategory where possible for all tickets to be migrated
  • Export data to a CSV file
  • Create transformation maps
    • Map source table to target table
  • Import Table
    • Test Data
  • Create an Update set…